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Engineering Capabilities

In C.T Kong, we have good people asset, the technical expertise and competent resources to meet stringent international standards and controls. We have a dynamic team of expertise; qualified from wide array of disciplines and professional experiences. To offer our best support to the industry, we have a fully trained and experience team on par with our upgrading in latest technologies and equipments.

We are constantly building a team of motivated employees to facilitate our commitment to ensure maximum quality products inconsistent with our expanding business volume. You can always count on our experience in maintaining your highest standard in the product assurance and quality.

We have always believed that quality products begin at the stage of process development. Every conceived idea is scrutinized to ensure possible failures in every process is being looked into, and resolved effectively. This approach helps us to maintain our high quality level of the parts produced by us.

With the aid of leading CAD software, such as AutoCAD, Solid Works, and 3D Quick Press, we are able to work with numerous part design files. This eliminates the possibility in design errors and also enable us to automate most of the mundane tasks. As such, we are able to focus our efforts in value-added process.

Be it compound or progressive tooling, our engineers will ensure that we would offer our best solutions in manufacturing your stamped parts.

Apart form tooling fabrication for pressed parts, our engineers are also capable in developing new profiles for Metal Insert. C.T Kong has successfully developed and delivered numerous breakable and non-breakable profiles to our customers.

Plastic Injection Molding

C.T Kong molding department and it's personnel have 20 years experience of producing product for the electrical appliances parts. We have a perfect quality production. Our ability to automate and eliminate labor has given us an advantage over the competition in the market. Lean manufacturing initiatives have made us a model of efficiency. C.T Kong likes challenges and is willing to run difficult materials. C.T Kong is defined not only by the accurate and high-tech machines, but also by our innovative and experienced professionals.

Tool Room

The pride of our factory is Tooling Shop. It is here that our experienced tool designers work closely with our tool makers to ensure the best quality tools are produced for our stamping operations. Our Tool Shop is capable of designing a wide range of tooling from compound tool to progressive tool. The tooling is design using CAD software which are also connected to the CNC machines via CAM software.


At C.T Kong Industries Sdn. Bhd., we are committed to constantly meet and exceed customer requirement through continual improvement of our people, products and processes. As such, the following KPIs are monitored on a regular basis to ensure that we are on track:

· On-time Sample Submission

· Rejection Rate

· Delivery Performance

Strict controls are implemented at every single process to ensure that the resulting quality meets customer's requirement. Our typical process controls include:

· Purchase of raw materials from approved suppliers

· Purchased raw material its verified against relevant international standard

· First Article Inspection

· In-Process Inspection

· Final Inspection

In addition, our staffs are always updating themselves with new methods of measurement and also keeping themselves abreast with the latest equipment available.

In order for our QC Inspectors produce consistent and congruent results, Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) is being performed on a regular basis.

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